Día: 2 de diciembre de 2009
Hora: 15:00 horas
Lugar: CIEMAT. Salón de Actos. Edificio 1.  Avda. Complutense, 22.
Idioma: Inglés
Entrada libre

«There are two varieties of the poetic imagination: those who invent fables, and those who are inclined to believe them.» So wrote Galileo three centuries ago, and so it is today. I shall offer a very personal (and perhaps immodest) narrative describing, as I have experienced it, the birth and triumph of the electroweak theory. In the course of my anecdotal tale, I shall tell of many false starts and bumbling blunders (mostly my own) and a few brilliant insights (mostly by others). I would need much more time to present a complete history of this most exciting period in the history of our discipline, so I apologize to all those whose important contributions I have surely slighted.